Eelpesuvahend PreWash, 1l, Nanolex

Eelpesuvahend PreWash, 1l, Nanolex


Nanolex PreWash Concentrate 1000ml

Nanolex Pre-Wash Concentrate  is a very effective, high-foaming, alkaline pre-cleaner. The carefully balanced mixture of surfactants, builders and solvents loosen up the grime and remove the more stubborn dirt such as insects, oils, grease and soot.

Nanolex Pre-Cleaner is also highly suitable for removal of wax, polish residue and silicones from the car’s exterior to prepare it for an application of Nanolex Paint & Alloy Sealants. The corrosion inhibitors in the formulation ensure good material compatibility with sensitive materials, such as anodized aluminium.

  • Can be diluted 1:30 – 1:10
  • Safely removes wax and polish
  • Safe for use on sensitive finishes such as anodised aluminium

Nanolex Pre-Cleaner Concentrate is developed, tested and produced in Germany.



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