Plasti ja kummi läiketaastaja, 100ml, Nanolex

Plasti ja kummi läiketaastaja, 100ml, Nanolex


the short version, Nanolex Trim Rejuvenator is a nanotech plastic coating that provides long-term protection for exterior plastic trims for up to 6+ months!

Nanolex’s revolutionary technology also offers some relief for plastics that have faded or greyed slightly, to restore their depth and looks. In one single application this trim sealant offers a super hydrophobic protective coating, which causes rain and water to bead and roll off very quickly. It also stops dirt and grime adhering to the plastic, making washing easier and allowing trim to stay cleaner for longer whilst leaving that factory matte / satin finish that you once had.

Nanolex also contains inhibitors to protect against further UV damage this is one of the longest lasting most natural, satin finishes on the market. Old ‘protectants’ are usually packed full of silicones and make your plastics glossy for a few days, but then attract dirt and dullness, along with streaking when washed. This real nano-technology sealant offers new possibilities for the protection of your exterior plastics condition and looks for longer than any other product before. Nanolex Trim Rejuvenator offers exceptional value, with a little going a very long way.

For example to coat the exterior plastic on a modern medium sized car should only take about 10ml making this incredible value for its size!

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